Strategies & Services

Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself is the first step in creating financial success.  There will be many threats to your financial well-being including sicknesss and injury, auto accidents and lawsuits, or even an unexpected death in your family.  Rest assured that we will help you anticipate and prepare for these financial setbacks allowing you to move forward with more confidence than ever.

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Disability Insurance

Your greatest asset is not your home, your retirement account, or even you business. It is your ability to earn income and it must be protected in case you become too sick or injured to work.

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Health Insurance

There is so much uncertainty revolving around health care. We will help you cut through the clutter and make the most cost-efficient choice when it comes to paying for your medical expenses.

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Life Insurance

How will your family continue their way of life if you were to die prematurely? There are so many choices when it comes to choosing the right type of life insurance. We can help you make the right choice.

Manage your Money

Without income, nothing can happen with the rest of your finances.  Debt cannot be eliminated, wealth cannot be created and you’ll have no means of protecting all that matters to you.  Whether you make $50,000 or $500,000, we will show you how to track your income, account for all spending, eliminate costs, and keep more of the money you earn.

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Do you know where every dime comes into your balance sheet and where every dime leaves? Odds are you have hundreds slipping through your fingers every month. Let’s find ways to put it back to work for you.

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Are you overpaying for your insurance, reducing debt in an inefficient matter or paying too much in taxes? What if you could find a way to capture those dollars and put them back to work.

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Most people spend their money in the wrong order. When you learn the correct order, you will be better protected, save more than enough for retirement, crush your debt, and have plenty left to enjoy.

Grow Your Wealth

At some point in your life, you will stop working. Whether you are forced into that decision or it comes on your time, it is important to remember that it will then become money at work rather than you at work. To a large degree, how much you have saved and where you have saved it will determine your overall financial success. We will help you identify the best vehicles and help you determine how much you should be setting aside.

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The stock market can be a tricky thing at times. We can help bring you clarity regarding how the market works and what is the best way to invest. Our goal is to bring you a greater peace-of-mind.

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Retirement Accounts

Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, 401(k)s, Simplified Employee Pensions, Annuities; which is right for you? Our guess is that you own multiple retirement accounts but we can help explain why.

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Financial Planning

Most people make isolated financial decisions without realizing how one decision may impact another area of their financial lives. Financial planning is the process of making it all work together.

Eliminate your Debt

Learning to reduce your payments to others such as credit card companies, banks, mortgage holders, and even Uncle Sam in the form of taxation is paramount to your success. We can teach you the best way to pay off debt, reduce taxation and most importantly, show you how to stay out of debt in the future. We will also work to reduce your long-term tax consequences not just worry about the here and now.

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Debt Elimination

Learning which debts to pay off first could literally save you thousands in interest over the course of you life. Most people take a shotgun approach but we will get you focused on destroying your debt.

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Mortgage Selection

Purchasing a home may be the largest purchase you will ever make and it certainly should not be taken lightly. Are you aware of how a mortgage selection could positively or negatively impact your wealth?

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Tax Reduction

Reducing taxation should be a focus of every American wanting to achieve last wealth. While many planners and professionals can show you how to reduce tax today we can help plan for a lifetime.